Web Hosting

Managed Drupal Hosting (w/upgrades) $300 per year

Managed x-cart Hosting (w/ssl) $400 per year

Simple Html Hosting $200 per year

Which Web Hosting To Choose?


  • Intel Xeon 3470+ (Quad Core)
  • 100 mbps Uplink
  • 8 GB DDR3 Memory
  • 2 X 500 GB Hard Drives
  • 10 TB Bandwidth
  • Total processors: 8

Stuff you need to know about hosting accounts


aka Data Transfer

Simply put, this is the amount of stuff your site sends out to people who want to see it. Lotsa people, lotsa bandwidth. It also has to do with how much size your files take up. Large images, more bandwidth.

How much bandwidth do you need? On an average site, if 10 people look at it a day, and they look at 5 pages each, thenĀ  50 pages x 30 days is 1500 pages. In data transfer that equals less than 50mb data transfer. Not a whole lot needed here.

They all advertise “unlimited bandwidth”, but it’s simply not true. If they did that, nobody’s site would work. But it’s set up that most of the time, most of the people won’t have a problem. And that works, simply because most people don’t have alot of traffic.

What does this all mean to you? It means you can take one of these accounts without a problem cause you won’t have a thousand visitors a day for quite some while. First worry about getting your site to work, making it look good, and getting traffic. It only takes a few minutes to upgrade, so why not save some money till it happens. What about the neighbor on your server who is getting a lot of traffic? Doesn’t he gobble up all your bandwidth? Not really. They throttle his bandwidth so they can’t gobble up all the resources.

It’s not always the issue of which webhost to use. One thing you should do is make sure your not taking up too much bandwidth yourself. If your graphics aren’t web optimized, you can end up having a very slow site, no matter how fast the server is.

A major bandwidth waster is if you are using video’s on your site. They use up a huge amout of bandwidth. Always opt to host the videos somewhere else and embed them. We use Vimeo because they are mobile compatible and very reasonable.

If your not too worried about bandwidth usage, then you have a lot more choices for which webhost to use.

Disk Space

Website Storage Space

I will just give you an average of what our clients sites use.

  • Drupal (CMS Sites): 165MB
  • X-cart (E-commerce Sites): 685MB
  • HTML SItes (Mostly 5-10 pages): 80MB

This usually includes putting the source photoshop files up on the server. As far as E-commerce, it really depends on how many products you have. We have a client with 20,000 products that takes up around 5000MB. So figure 150MB for the store files, and 1000MB for every 4000 products. If the site as a lot of detailed images for each of the products, the size can easily double.


The two main choices are linux (php) or windows hosting. If your reading this page, than you want linux, cause those who need windows know they need windows. php offers many more do it yourself (free) scripts.


This is the standard php control panel where you make you email addresses and back up your site, plus a whole lot more. Some hosts cut out some of the cpanel features, like fantastico, so do compare cpanel packages and make sure your getting the whole package. Fantastico is sort of a one button installer for scripts like wordpress and drupal. Personally, I never use fantastico for installs because I want to make sure my install is done clean and correct, with the latest stable release, and the modules I need for the job, but the fantastico will get the job done.

Dedicated Server

Truly a pain if you don’t know what your doing. You have to monitor this yourself ,or hire a monitoring company. I use Platinum Server Managment. I also have them manage it. It’s expensive, and you have to keep up with it (send an email to management company “is everything okay?”), but the security and performance is unbeatable.