Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


1) First, we generate a keyword report, and decide what terms we will be optimizing the site for. We will suggest terms, go over the suggestions with you, and fine tune the list to make sure we get maximum impact.

2) We then do a compressive analysis of your site, and send you a report of what has to be done to your site. We include all the meta files, xml sitemap, & robots text needed. As far as the text changes, it would be best to have your designer integrate whatever changes have to be made, as he is more familiar with your site structure. If we made the site, all changes are included in the price. Note that there will be occasional text changes recommended for the site throughout the program.

3) We will then generate a search engine ranking report, so we can see where you rank in all the different search engines, and for what terms (that report will run every two weeks for the duration of the program)

4) Then starts the off site SEO campaign. It takes around 3 months to see an increase in traffic, and then it grows. There might be rapid dips for some keywords, and then slow growth. This has to do with Goggle’s indexing, and is usually only an issue with google. The other search engines usually just have steady growth. At 6 months time you should be indexed properly, and you should start to see real results. Note that during the duration of the program we like to monitor the results from the submit forms on the site. If you would rather we don’t see the contact form submissions, please let us know. We also suggest an alternate phone number so we can track phone call that you get from the website.

Search Engine Optimization


The cost is $600 per month. You would need a minimum of 6 months in the program for it to be effective (usually. If you have a very niche market and no competition, you can halve that).

After the six month period, you can either choose to continue and get higher for other keywords, or just float on the results you have gotten. You would have to keep a close eye on your rankings, so if they start to substantially slip we can restart the program.


We prefer to work on a credit card based monthly billing, but checks will also be accepted. There is no minimum months necessitated. Payment is due on the first of the month.


Please contact us to get a sample report and referrals from companies and business like yours.


The WebTop SEO program is all that is really needed to see effective results. However, there are other options that can further your results. Depending on your budget, we can also submit to other directories such as Yahoo etc. or membership directories. We do not charge extra for this service, but just use your billing information and take care of the submission. We do not receive anything from Yahoo or any of its subsidiaries.


We schedule the program to start upon receipt of the first payment or credit card information to keep on file. We do not cash the check or charge the card until we actually start the work.


We send a monthly report on your rankings on all the keywords (checking the first 30 results) for the following engines.

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing


Results can vary from site to site. We have helped many clients get first page placement, but WebTop makes no guarantees on your results. Contact us for referrals from companies similar to your industry.


The higher your site appears in the natural, organic search engine rankings, the more traffic you get. Most searchers usually use the results from the first page of their query.

SEO means creating a search engine friendly site, and then creating backlinks to make the site more popular.
We do not use “black hat” SEO. That includes methods such as link farms, keyword stuffing and article spinning that degrade both the relevance of search results and the user experience of search engines.