How to Rank at the Top of YouTube Search Results

How to Rank at the Top of YouTube Search Results

Ranking on YouTube Search

You don’t need to be a star loaded with dough to rank at the top of YouTube search results.All you need is productive ideas like the ones written in this article to rank high on YouTube search results.

YouTube is the first place where people search for videos and it is estimated that in every minute there are almost 100hours of videos uploaded on YouTube, if you are searching for other hosting where you can upload your videos, might be the best place for you.

Just like Google, YouTube also uses ranking factors that determine which videos will be at the top of every search result page. Some of the factors include:

  • Number of views on your video
  • How long the users watch it
  • How many positive rates and comments it has
  • Number of subscribed channels
  • The number of times your video appear in the user playlist
  • The number of times it’s added to favourites list
  • The number of times it’s embedded on websites

For you to get the high numbers YouTube is looking for, you need to optimize your content for visitors to click through and play.

Below are some of the ways you can follow to get ranked at the top of YouTube search results.

1.  Assign Strong Keywords

Keywords are very important in such a way that when you choose the right keywords you get high visibility on the SERPs. Remember YouTube does not search within your video content to find keywords, this means you will have to be creative and add here to learn more about SERPs.

You can also use the YouTube keyword tool to help you identify which keywords don’t have a lot of competition. The keyword you decide to use will then help YouTube to determine the relevance of your content. Include the keywords in your titles, descriptions and tags.

How to Rank at the Top of YouTube Search Results

2.  Optimize the Video Content for Search

Once you have pages that are doing well on the YouTube search engine, you can optimize your content by search as you begin to build a new video. You can take a few steps to ensure your video is optimized, including:

  • Engage the visitors in the first 15 seconds so that they don’t bounce
  • Work on long videos that will keep the visitors watching, this will give you watch time which is a ranking factor on YouTube
  • Optimize your content to capture the attention of the viewers and should also entice
  • Embed the full video above the fold on your page that is already doing well on Youtube

The above steps will help your video content to rank on the top list of YouTube search engines.

3.  Use Keywords in Your Title

Your content is your selling point to the viewers, it should be able to tell them what they expect to find in your video content. Your title should be in the range of 120 characters and should be enough to tell viewers what they are watching.

Good and enticing video contents have keyword phrases at the beginning of the title.

4.  Customize Your Content Thumbnail

When viewers search for the video contents on YouTube, the first thing they see in the video is the thumbnail. This is the face of your video and it has to captivate them. Thumbnails may seem small but they are a huge key in marketing strategy.

A lot of video channels can automatically select thumbnails once the video is uploaded but you can also have the option of selecting your own. You can also make a thumbnail by taking a screenshot of your video content part that best explains a lot about your content.

5.  Optimize and Describe Your Content With Keyword

Your content can be optimised and described with keywords that flow and make sure to avoid fluffing. When writing a video description, you can include a video link to your website.

Doing this will give you backlinks which is a plus to your website. Always put the link at the top of the video description to avoid it being cut off.


Having the right keywords and having them well incorporated will help increase YouTube traffic and get ranked at the top of the search engine. Share your video on social media platforms, this makes it popular and accessible to many outlets.